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Introduction to Feynman Integrals and Multiloop Techniques

The course will take place in the first half of the spring semester 2019 (19.2 - 14.3) on Tuesdays (room 119) and Thursdays (room B1) from 14:15 - 16:00.

Course description

The discovery of the Higgs boson has heralded the era of precision in hadron collider physics. Disentangling potential new physics effects from the wealth of data requires a very high level of control over theoretical predictions for Standard Model cross sections which is very often limited by our ability to compute complicated Feynman diagrams. Feynman integrals are a rapidly developing field and there are many competing methods which each have their own merits and limitations and state-of-the art problems often require a combinations of various tools. This course provides an introduction to some of the most widely used techniques with the aim of providing a starting point on how to tackle simple and more complicated calculations.
I will start by reviewing the basic concepts of dimensional regularization and Feynman parametrization and then move to more advanced topics including sector decomposition, Mellin Barnes representations, reduction to master integrals using integration-by-parts identities, solving master integrals by differential equations and the expansion by regions. The application of all these techniques is illustrated by explicit examples.


Dr. T. Rauh