News and Events


GeNeZiss/SwissMAP meeting

On Dec.11, Matthias Blau and Susanne Reffert are organizing another edition of the GeNeZiss/SwissMAP meeting for the Swiss String Theory community. The December event gives new postdocs the chance to introduce themselves. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the meeting will be held via Zoom.


Admir Greljo starts SNF professorship

On October 1, Admir Greljo joins the ITP as an SNF Eccellenza Professor at the ITP. Over the next five years, he will carry out his research project "Flavour Physics at the High-Energy Frontier".


SCET workshop in Bern

The XVIIth annual workshop on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory will be held in Bern, June 8-11, 2020. Update: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the workshop was held online, see this conference website.


Jean-Pierre Fest

On April 16 and 17, the ITP will host a scientific symposium dedicated to Jean-Pierre Derendinger on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Update: The event was postponed to January 2021, due to the global pandemic.


FLAG5 Kickoff Meeting

The ITP (with support from the AEC) is happy to host the kickoff meeting for the 5th edition of the FLAG review. It takes place from 10-12 Feburary with over 20 international participants from Europe, Japan and the US.


New Eccellenza Professor

Martin Hoferichter has just started as an SNF Eccellenza Professor at the ITP. With his SNF fellowship he will carry out the research project "Strong-Interaction Effects in the Search for Physics beyond the Standard Model" over the course of the next five years.


Two SNF Eccellenza awards at the ITP

Admir Greljo and Pier Monni, two researchers currently at CERN, were awarded Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to carry out their research at the ITP. The projects Flavour Physics at the High Energy Frontier by Admir Greljo and Multiscale Cross Sections for Higgs Precision Physics by Pier Monni are both concerned with precision physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


Faculty price for Thomas Rauh

Thomas Rauh won a faculty price for his graduate course Introduction to Feynman Integrals and Multiloop Techniques. The course was among the 4 courses (of a total of 144) with the highest scores in the student evaluations.


AEC Plenary Meeting

On September 3 an AEC Plenary meeting was held. The AEC is in its fourth and final year of the current funding period. One goal of the meeting was to highlight a few achievements of the past years and to gather input into the planning of the next period. Also members of the Advisory Committee (Poul Henrik Damgaard, Peter Jenni, Aneesh Manohar, Richard Wigmans) were present for the meeting.

In addition to research talks, reviews of experimental and theory activities were presented.

August 2019

New ITP director, scientific program at Simons Center

As of August 1, 2019, Thomas Becher is Mikko Laine's successor as the ITP director. Good luck with the task! On the scientific side, towards the end of the month Susanne Reffert is co-organizing a program on Quantum-mechanical systems at large quantum number at the revered Simons Center in Stony Brook.

July 2019


The rector has nominated Urs Wenger to an "assoziierter Professor" as of July 1, 2019. Congratulations!

June 2019

Einstein medal ceremony

The Albert Einstein medal, awarded by the Albert Einstein Society, goes this year to Prof. Clifford M. Will from the University of Florida. The ceremony takes place on June 6, at 5pm, in the lecture hall ExWi 099, and involves a public talk, whose details can be found here.

May 2019

Graduate course, Graduate student seminar, SwissMAP/GeNeZiSS meeting

As usual, the spring semester ends with a busy month. Starting on May 2, Gabriele Tartaglino Mazzucchelli offers a graduate course on Lie Algebras and their Extensions. On May 15, we have the regular AEC Graduate student seminar. Finally, on May 24, the SwissMAP/GeNeZiss String Theory Meeting returns once again to Bern.

April 2019

AEC/ITP postdoc obtains permanent position in the UK

David Schaich, who had been a postdoc in Bern since 2016, recently obtained a faculty position at Liverpool University, among the strongest institutes in theoretical high-energy physics in the UK. He started his tenure there in mid-March. We thank David for his active presence in Bern and wish him good luck with the new challenges.

March 2019

SNF professorship and promotion

Susanne Reffert's SNF professorship has been extended for another two years, until February 2021. From March 2021 she takes up a regular professorship (aoP) at AEC/ITP. Congratulations!

February 2019

Conference, Graduate course

On February 18 - 20, Susanne Reffert co-organizes the next edition of the conference "Women at the intersection of Mathematics and High Energy Physics", in Geneva; more information can be found here. The first graduate course of the sping semester, by Thomas Rauh, starts on February 19, and presents an introduction to Feynman integrals and multiloop techniques.

January 2019

New Year, New Team

The year starts with a reshuffling at the AEC: Gilberto Colangelo (ITP) takes over as the new director, with Michele Weber (LHEP) serving as the vice director. Florian Piegsa (LHEP) is the new president of the Board, with Thomas Becher (ITP) acting as the vice president. 2019 is the last year of the current funding period, so the new team is tasked with carrying out a self-evaluation of recent accomplishments, and coming up with new ideas for the next period. We wish the team good luck with these challenges!