Institute for Theoretical Physics

New Strong Dynamics Beyond the Standard Model

Course description

The course is held in the second half of the fall semester (2.11 - 19.12) 2017. The first three meetings (2.11 - 16.11) take place on Thursdays while the following meetings (21.11 - 19.12) take place on Tuesdays from 10-12 in room B1.

Major experiments are underway and planned around the world to search for
new physics beyond the standard model.  They are accompanied by comparable
theoretical efforts to gain insight into issues including the
stabilization of the electroweak scale and the nature of dark matter.  The
possibility that such new physics may be strongly coupled presents both
challenges for theoretical analyses as well as opportunities to advance
our understanding of nature.

This course will introduce some of the most prominent proposed extensions
of the standard model in which new strong dynamics play a central role.
After presenting the basic conceptual frameworks for both composite Higgs
models and composite dark matter models, we will review current
phenomenological constraints and the prospects for future discoveries.  We
will also consider the role of lattice gauge theory as a means to obtain
non-perturbative predictions for these strongly interacting systems.
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